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Williamsburg Nostalgia Fest



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Twenty years in the making! Every Shadow magazine story is examined in detail... yes all 325 of them. A summary plus a critique and trivia for each.

Old fans, who read the original magazines, and new fans, who enjoy pulp reprints, now have access to detailed reviews of every single story. This book contains insights which can only come from reading the entire series... twice!

Reviews of all 325 pulp magazine stories

Bonus review of the "lost" Shadow novel

Bonus review of Walter Gibson's final "unofficial" Shadow story

Bonus review of the 1994 movie

Bonus review of the 1940 movie serial

Complete list of Shadow novels, ranked by favorite

Two detailed indexes, by story and subject

Over a half-million words in length

Over 500 pages of pulpy goodness. This thing is big. As big as a Sears Roebuck catalog, and weighs nearly 3 lbs!

If you are a fan of THE SHADOW, you will love this.

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