For more than 30 years, Kevin Flynn was a volunteer staff member of half a dozen conventions. From Chiller Theater, Monster Bash, Monster Mania, Fanex, and even the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, Kevin was able to get autographs from all of the celebrity guests. Regrettably, Kevin is now in assisted living so his collection is for sale. (To see his collection, change the settings to DATE, NEW TO OLD on the site.)


The collections of Fred Davis, Toni Davis, Ed Cooney (Virginia) and Ed Phillips (California) are now available! For years they went to film festivals to meet the stars!


We own and operate our own celebrity autograph convention held annually every year in Maryland. (Photo of Maud Adams and Britt Ekland from our 2019 event.) Many of the stars were kind enough to sign glossies and donate them for the cause, which you can purchase directly from us. All items are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.


We are opening a coffee shop later this year that benefits the local community, including disabled veterans. Estimated soft opening in January. Photos of the recent status of construction can be found below.

To raise start-up for the coffee shop, we are selling off our private collection of autographs. Those sold from our collection will go to the start-up costs


October 28, 2023 update. Floor has been poured and the walls are going up!

You have probably heard it said that it usually takes two years for a business to show a profit. What few know is that the main reason is because of the initial start-up debt. Yes, we will still get a business loan later this year but the more we can raise today, the less we have to borrow tomorrow.

We acquired collections of autographs from multiple collectors -- all of whom went to conventions, film festivals and other venues over the last four decades to get autographs from celebrities! We also run our own autograph event where celebrities sign autographs for fans. So your purchase will help benefit the start-up costs for our non-profit venture.

“If you care about your community, you have to invest in start-ups.” Steve Case, Founder of AOL

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