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THE GREEN HORNET: The 1942-1949 Stories (eBook only)

THE GREEN HORNET: The 1942-1949 Stories (eBook only)

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From 1942 to 1949, Harvey Comics produced a series of comic books based on the radio program, THE GREEN HORNET. The radio script writer, Fran Striker, submitted to the publisher a large number of one and two-page plot summaries for adaptation into comic book form. The artists at Harvey, however, chose the best of them and the rest were filed away and (on occasion) reprinted as filler in between comic panels in text format. Never converted into comic strip form, most of these plots are original concepts Striker never used on the radio program. This 88-page eBook (PDF format) includes over 40 of those short stories. Join Kat and Britt Reid in new adventures from the creator of the radio program! 

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