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THE FLASH: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS (book, autographed)

THE FLASH: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS (book, autographed)

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The author will be signing copies of this book for me in a few days. Your purchase offers a unique opportunity to have the author personalize this to whoever you want (i.e. "To Jerry," or "To Barry," etc.) and not just the author's autograph. (Unless all you want is just the author's autograph, that's fine, too.) Pay for the book today (we only have three copies available) and we will make sure he signs it the way you want and we will mail the book to you afterwards. How cool is that?

First appearing in 1940 and represented by a slew of different speedsters, the Flash has been a DC mainstay for most of their publishing life.  He’s been part of the Justice League, Justice Society of America, and Teen Titans. Able to break the barriers between dimensions and to reverse time when he’s runs fast enough, to say that the flash is going (and has gone) places doesn’t even cover it.
Speedsters are powered by the speed force and while there are a slew of superheroes faster than the average man in the DC Universe, the particular mantle of ‘The Flash’ has been donned by
Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen. Each of them are represented with their own moments to shine and they each bring a new perspective to the character over the Flash’s decades long run.

Enclosed in these pages are 100 moments that chronicle all of the Flash’s greatest feats.
Flash’s loves, his children, the allies like Batman and Superman that help him out in his time of need, the Rogues that give him the most trouble, other nefarious speedsters villains like Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom, and many more key characters are paid homage. Flash has been a key player in events like Flashpoint and Crisis on Infinite Worlds, making him integral to understanding the worlds built by DC Comics.
Although Flash has been on the big screen, syndicated television, and cartoons, a lot the iconic moments seen on screens found their origin in his comic books. Whether you need a recap (in a flash) or you’re curious about the comic book events that inspired your favorite TV and movie moments,
Flash: 100 Greatest Moments will guide you through all of the Scarlet Speedster’s history:

  • Flashpoint
  • Wally West winning the lottery
  • Returning from the dead
  • Marrying Iris West
  • The Cosmic Treadmill
  • Meeting Editor Julius Schwartz
  • Red Flash vs. Black Flash
  • Defeating Zoom
  • House of Heroes
  • Barry Allen fights Godspeed for the first time
  • Returning Wally West rom the Speed Force
  • Run ins with the Trickster

Lace up, strap in, and enjoy Flash: 100 Greatest Moments

Hardcover, heavy four-pound book.

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