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Williamsburg Nostalgia Fest



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Were you ever curious about what made your favorite Scream Queens tick? Look no further, because NVF Magazine founder David Byron has compiled an impressive list of interviews with some of the hottest ladies in horror. Among the highly honored special guests are: Brenna Lee Roth - star of Killer Biker Chicks and DOG and producer of Grind House Glory Scarlet Salem - star of Killer Biker Chicks Bianca Barnett - star of Albino Farm Nicole Kruex - aka-Nikki Homicide K - star of Zen: Hunter Rachel Grubb - star of 13 Hours in a Warehouse Seregon O'Dassey - star of Ghost Watcher 2 & False Face and Playboy model Evie Effects - FX artist, model, actress Heidi Martinuzzi - actress, writer, staff of Pretty April Monique Burril - star of Chainsaw Sally (featuring Jimmy 'O) Monique Dupree - star of Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned And a special guest appearance by former Hammer Films scream starlet Ingrid Pitt, whose portrayal of Countess Dracula gave a new meaning to the term Scream Queen long before it became popular for future generations of horror film fans. And much, much more...



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