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Was a Kickstarter exclusive. A fantastic hardcover . 2020 RONDO AWARD WINNER, BEST HORROR ART BOOK Half a century ago, NBC-TV premiered the pilot that gave birth to the supernatural series Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. Millions of viewers were riveted. Though the quality of the episodes were hotly debated among fans from Stephen King to Guillermo del Toro, virtually all agreed that the most memorable elements were the paintings and sculptures showcased. Chillingly introduced by Serling, these macabre masterpieces were the works of artists Thomas J. Wright, Jaroslav Gebr and Phil Vanderlei, and have remained the stuff of dreams and nightmares for generations. Twenty-five years ago, co-authors Scott Skelton and Jim Benson wrote Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: An After Hours Tour, which provided the definitive history of the show—but sadly went to print without illustrations. Taylor L. White, publisher and proprietor of Creature Features, joined the search to bring the paintings and sculptures to light. For two and a half decades, this trio followed a trail around the world to discover the whereabouts of the paintings. The search grew to include fellow aficionados, collectors, and historians, who painstakingly tracked down the whereabouts of each artifact, most presumed lost to the ages. Creature Features is proud to present the result: ROD SERLING'S NIGHT GALLERY: THE ART OF DARKNESS, a deluxe art book measuring 11 x 11,” comprising 316 pages with more than 300 illustrations, including every painting ever shown in the Night Gallery. This includes in-depth commentary and background from the artists themselves, plus never-before-seen concept art and memorabilia. Finding and licensing the artwork has been a painstaking and expensive process. Academy Award–winning writer-director Guillermo del Toro has joined the cause with an introduction to the book and access to the original paintings from his own personal collection. The foreword has been penned by Rod's daughter Anne Serling.