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Elliott Reid, radio and television and movie actor (autograph)

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In 1935, Elliott Reid debuted on the radio program THE MARCH OF TIME, which led to regular work on radio dramas during the Golden Age of Radio, including other programs such as SUSPENSE, THE WHISTLER and PHILIP MARLOWE. Reid's best-known film role was as Ernie Malone, private detective hired to spy on Marilyn Monroe's character, only to become Jane Russell's love interest, in the classic movie, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES. Reid played the snide Professor Shelby Ashton of Rutland University (the rival of perennial underdog Medfield College) in two Walt Disney movies starring Fred MacMurray: THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR in 1961, and its sequel, SON OF FLUBBER in 1963. This was a letter from Reid after I wrote to him about his radio career.