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DICK BEALS, voice of Speedy from ALKA-SELTZER (autograph)

DICK BEALS, voice of Speedy from ALKA-SELTZER (autograph)

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Richard Beals was an American actor, who performed many voices in his career, which spanned the period from the early 1950s into the 21st century. Beals voiced both male and female children. Perhaps his most recognizable characterization was the voice of the stop-motion animation figure called "Speedy Alka-Seltzer", featured in television commercials for more than 50 years. He was also a cast member for such programs as SUSPENSE, THE LONE RANGER, THE GREEN HORNET, RICHIE RICH and others.

He was also the voice of Davey in DAVEY AND GOLIATH.

The letter was signed by Dick Beals. The book was not. Both are sold together so you get both the book and the signed letter.

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