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Conversations with Cagney: The Early Years (paperback)

Conversations with Cagney: The Early Years (paperback)

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James Cagney was one of the legendary Stars of the Silver Screen.  He began his career during Hollywood's Golden Years and remained a popular box office attraction until his retirement. During his 30 years in motion pictures, Cagney proved himself to be a performer of unique and unlimited talent. He consistently electrified audiences, whether playing a street gangster, psychotic hoodlum, song-and-dance man, "G" Man or even trying his hand at Shakespeare. No matter what the role or in what genre: drama, comedy or musical, Jimmy always delivered the goods!

The real James Cagney, however, was significantly different from the "reel". In his private life, Cagney was a thoughtful, gentle and generous man, modest to the core who was never affected by his celebrity, preferring instead to live a quiet life close to nature.

Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Bill Angelos had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the actor and he shares his recorded conversations with the actor in the aptly-titled CONVERSATIONS WITH CAGNEY. As an added bonus, this book also includes rare insight from Cagney's wife of 64 years, Willie, who shares her own memories about the couples' early years and struggles before Jimmy hit the big time with his starring role in THE PUBLIC ENEMY. While there have been numerous books written about Cagney, CONVERSATIONS WITH CAGNEY allows the actor to speak forthright, in his own words. And, as with his many screen appearances, he delivers!

Fans of James Cagney and those interested in the early years of show business will find this book a treasure. 
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