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CHARLOTTE MANSON from radio's NICK CARTER (autograph)

CHARLOTTE MANSON from radio's NICK CARTER (autograph)

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Nick Carter, Master Detective was a radio crime drama based on tales of the fictional private detective of the same name from Street & Smith's dime novels and pulp magazines. Nick Carter first came to radio as The Return of Nick Carter, a reference to the character's pulp origins, but the title was soon changed to Nick Carter, Master Detective

Playing a recurring role on the program was Charlotte Manson. (While the paper indicates Dwight Weist, he did not sign this... only Manson signed.) She was the female lead on the program. The actress attended a convention in Baltimore more than two decades ago and signed this note with her autograph. I only have this one. Sold on a first come, first serve basis.

I have another cast member (Lon Clark, who was Nick Carter) from the radio show available for sale, too.

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