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Charles Michelson, radio pioneer of THE SHADOW, THE LONE RANGER (autographs)

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As part of the Joe Hehn collection, I am offering a selection of autographs that helps fund both the coffee shop start-up, and the Joe Hehn collection being processed.

Fans of old-time radio shows will be pleased to know they can get not one, but two autographs from Charles Michelson, who was responsible for producing CHICK CARTER, BOY DETECTIVE, BLACKSTONE THE MAGIC DETECTIVE, THE AVENGER, and was responsible for recording THE SHADOW in the 1930s and 1940s for which we have hundreds of recordings today. He also syndicated such programs as THE SHADOW, THE LONE RANGER, THE GREEN HORNET, GUNSMOKE and DRAGNET, among others, int eh 1960s. Includes letter, contract and envelope.

Here, you have a chance to help fund two good causes.