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BATMAN: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS (book, autographed)

BATMAN: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS (book, autographed)

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The author will be signing copies of this book in early September. Your purchase offers a unique opportunity to have the author personalize this to whoever you want (i.e. "To Jerry," or "To Barry," etc.) and not just the author's autograph. (Unless all you want is just the author's autograph, that's fine, too.) Pay for the book today (we only have three copies available) and we will make sure he signs it the way you want and we will mail the book to you afterwards. How cool is that?

While Gotham is perpetually in peril, the world in general is better with the Bat in it. Whether it's his sharp wit, his extravagant mansion, or extensive back catalog of vehicles and gadgets. From creator Bob Kane to Tom King's 100-issue run that started in 2018, Batman has morphed with the times.

There's so much to love about Batman and the characters that surrounds them. His villains, his Robins, his love interests…they all find him as irresistible as the general public. The moral ambiguity that makes him one of the most relatable characters in DC's extended universe. Part of "The Big Three" and host to a slew of orphaned Robins, Batman is a pivotal part to many characters in the extended DCU.

Batman has had many writers, his cowl has been worn by a plethora of different actors, and while many people have a favorite Batman, there's no doubt that he's the fan favorite. 

100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics series collects the greatest, most memorable moments of your favorite comic book characters in gorgeous volumes that highlight both individual characters and groups. From superheroes to super-villains, each book in this collection covers some of the greatest DC comic book characters. No comic book nerd's collection is complete without the 100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics books of their favorite characters. 

Hardcover, heavy four-pound book.

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