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SERGEANT PRESTON OF THE YUKON (original radio scripts)

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As part of the Joe Hehn collection, I am offering a selection of original radio scripts (not copies) that helps fund both the coffee shop start-up, but the Joe Hehn collection as well. Use the drop down menu to select the script you want. The scripts selected here are signed by Fran Striker, the script writer, who was also the story editor who had to sign off on the scripts, and was the same man responsible for creating THE LONE RANGER. So not only do you get an original radio script, but also Striker's autograph. The scripts (without an autograph) sell on average $100 on eBay (I should know because I have been selling one a week on eBay). Here, you have a chance to help fund two good causes.


Remember the price is PER SCRIPT, not for all of them.