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LIZABETH SCOTT, film noir actress (autographed photo)

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Lizabeth Scott was an American actress, singer and model for the Walter Thornton Model Agency, known for her "smoky voice" and being "the most beautiful face of film noir during the 1940s and 1950s." She is best known for her numerous roles in film noir classics such as TOO LATE FOR TEARS, DEAD RECKONING, I WALK ALONE, PITFALL, and DESERT FURY.

Back in 2008 we wrote to her, in an effort to see if she would be interested in attending our film festival to sign autographs for fans. Regrettably, she was unable to attend due to illness, but not before sending me a letter and an autographed photo for my interest. I am keeping the letter, but selling the autographed photo.

Perfect for framing, sold on a first come, first serve basis.