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Celebrities will be signing autographs and posing for photos with fans. Make sure you bring your digital camera to the show. Most of the celebrities will be charging a fee for autographs (usually donated to their favorite charity). 

Vendors will be offering vintage collectibles you can buy and have autographed.



The strapping, light-haired, good-looker eventually sought a Hollywood "in" and found one via his equestrian prowess in the early 60s. Steady work came to him on such established western TV series as LARAMIE and BRANDED and that extended itself into roles on crime action series such as ROUTE 66 and NAKED CITY. Gaining a foothold in feature films within a relatively short time, Alex starred or co-starred in more than 30 movies, a number of them opposite Hollywood's loveliest of lovelies. He peaked at the very beginning as a dope addict in SYNANON (1965) with Stella Stevens, as a cowboy in the remake of John Wayne's STAGECOACH (1966) with Ann-Margret, as a jet-setting hitman in STILETTO (1969) with Britt Ekland and as a cryogenic test case trapped in suspended animation for more than a century by which he awakes more than a century in the future in GENESIS II (1973).


Bobby Crawford was an actor best known for playing Andy on the TV Western series LARAMIE. He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1959 for the PLAYHOUSE 90 episode "Child of Our Time" in 1956, the same year his kid brother JOHNNY CRAWFORD was Emmy-nominated for playing Chuck Connors' son Mark in THE RIFLEMAN. Crawford, who was also billed as "Bobby Crawford," lost to legend Fred Astaire and was up against such legends as: Mickey Rooney and Paul Muni, and the actor's actors Christopher Plummer and Rod Steiger.


Robert Fuller's big break came in 1959 with the starring role of Jess Harper, in the hit series Laramie. During the program’s four-year run, Robert’s career skyrocketed, not only in the USA, but also in Germany, where he won five Golden Otto Awards (Germany’s equivalent to the Emmy Award) and in Japan, where he won Japan’s Best Actor’s award in 1961.  

Following Laramie, Fuller played the role of scout Cooper Smith on the long-running series Wagon Train, and starred in such films as The Return of the Magnificent Seven, Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice, Incident at Phantom Hill, Sinai Commandoesand The Hard Ride. It was his performance in the latter movie as a veteran Marine, returning home from Vietnam, that prompted Jack Webb to cast Fuller as Dr. Kelly Brackett in the NBC series Emergency.


Best known for playing Mike Williams on television's LARAMIE, Dennis Holmes appears in more than 50 episodes of the NBC television western. Most people do not know this but in 1950 Holmes made his first but uncredited movie appearance at 6 weeks old as the infant Butch, one of the children John Wayne rescues in the submarine under his command in the war movie OPERATION PACIFIC. Subsequent television appearances (besides LARAMIE) include LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, FATHER KNOWS BEST, BONANZA, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, THE RESTLESS GUN, THE JACK BENNY SHOW and 77 SUNSET STRIP, among others.


Jimmy Hunt is among the elite group of child actors who worked with many screen legends, making appearances in such films as the film noir PITFALL (1948), INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) and SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948). As a touch of Hollywood inside humor, Jimmy was given one line in the 1986 remake of INVADERS FROM MARS. As he approaches the hill where the flying saucer has allegedly landed, he says, "I haven't been here in 40 years." As the cable channel American Movie Classics noted, that was fairly close. It had actually been 33 years.


Planning to become a physical education instructor and football coach, Kent McCord transferred from Citrus Junior College to the University of Southern California in 1961. There, he met Ricky Nelson during a football game and they became good friends. This led to small guest spots on THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET as one of Ricky's fraternity brothers. In 1965, McCord signed a contract with Universal Pictures, and three years later he got his big break when Jack Webb picked him to co-star in ADAM-12. During the series' run he became actively involved in the Screen Actors Guild, and is still involved today. He also keeps busy by acting, and doing voiceovers for commercials and documentaries.


Wyatt McCrea is the oldest grandchild of actors Joel McCrea and Frances Dee. "After he appeared in THE VIRGINIAN in 1946, he decided that he only wanted to do westerns," said Wyatt. "He liked to play roles he could see himself doing in real life." Wyatt McCrea is coming to the show this year so we are taking advantage of the opportunity to highlight the screen careers of Joel McCrea and Frances Dee. Wyatt will provide us with a perspective that offers us deeper appreciation, through the stories he will share. 

Cowboy or actor — Joel McCrea was pretty much the same either way, said Wyatt: genuine, warm, affectionate with kids, a man who worked hard on the set and on the ranch. In fact, Wyatt said, "I was 10 before I realized that he was more than a rancher. I was in the fourth grade, and one day my teacher said, 'I saw your grandfather on TV last night.' I thought, why was he on TV? I went home and asked my dad (Wyatt's father, David, was the middle son of Joel and his wife, Frances). That was the first time I realized what my grandfather did."


What Joel did was make more than 90 movies over the course of a 50-year career. "He always joked that he only acted so he could afford to ranch," Wyatt said. "That was what he really loved to do. That was what he always listed as his occupation on his tax returns. Of course, he was so famous that everyone knew what he did, and one year the IRS came to check on him. He held out his hands and said 'I didn't get these calluses on the movie set.' They never bothered him again."


One of four children born to Duke's first wife, Patrick John Wayne carried his father's name, so it seems natural that a similar destiny would be in the making. Patrick made his debut film bit at age 11 in his father classic western RIO GRANDE (1950) and proceeded to apprentice in THE QUIET MAN (1952, THE SUN SHINES BRIGHT (1953), MISTER ROBERTS (1955) and THE SEARCHERS (1956), some with and some without his father's name above the title credits. All the above-mentioned films, however, were helmed by family friend and iconic director John Ford.

Following high school, Patrick attended Loyola University and graduated in 1961 (older brother Michael Wayne graduated five years earlier). During this time, he went out on his own to star in his own film, the second-string oater THE YOUNG LAND (1959). Realizing he was not quite ready to carry his own film, he returned to the family fold and gained more on-camera confidence throughout the 1960s supporting his father in THE ALAMO (1960), DONOVAN'S REEF (1963), McLINTOCK! (1963), and THE GREEN BERETS (1968). A few exceptions included a role in Ford's sprawling epic CHEYENNE AUTUMN (1964), his turn as James Stewart's son in the frontier adventure SHENANDOAH (1965) and co-starred in the short-lived comedy western series THE ROUNDERS (1966).


With more than twenty-five years of experience in the entertainment business, Rob Word has built a successful career as a producer, writer, programmer, packager and network executive with a flair for creative marketing. Currently, Rob is Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs for Insight Film Studios - the most prolific production company in Canada. Working in Los Angeles for the Vancouver-based production entity, Rob manages the solicitation and development of original programming for filming and post production in Canada - from outline through completed productions. 


Eli Barsi has been added for musical entertainment during the convention. Her music is a special blend of
Western Retro Roots,  Canadiana Country, Bluegrass Folk & Gospel. She connects and entertains, with interesting stories, cool melodies, thought provoking lyrics, tasty standards and an infectious smile.